CCM fob…. What’s the trick?

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    Hi all, just bought my CCM spitfire café racer 2019, since getting it home I can’t get the ignition to come to life, I’ve absolutely tried everything, I’ve just locked the garage door and walked away from it, can anybody supply a step by step guide or is there a link for a short video? I’m absolutely beat, is there an ignition conversation available? I love the bike but just not sure about the fob…. Maybe I should have bought the Ducati, many thanks in advance for any advice you can provide, regards Mel.


    Hi Mel,
    This might be a silly question,(I apologise in advance for asking) but did you see the fob work before you brought it home ?
    Where about is the sensor on the cafe racer, by the back seat or on the side ? I think on the older bikes it’s at the back seat. On my Six it’s on the side.
    There are some pictures in the handbook that come with the bike. You should be able to download from this site, I think it’s under the servicing tab.
    Did you get the master fob, in=case you need to reset your operating fob ?
    If so :

    The red master key fob has one sole use – to program new ignition key fobs. You should never attempt to start the bike using the red master key as this will automatically start the pairing mode and the only way to start the bike is to complete the pairing process as follows;

    Introduce the red master key fob to the sensor on the bike. (Please refer to your handbook to establish the correct location on your bike) The dashboard will illuminate for approximately a tenth of a second and the fuel pump can be heard briefly.
    Keeping the fobs separate, introduce the silver CCM fob – the same sequence will occur as in step 1 (If you have more than one and up to 3 ignition fobs, repeat this step for each new fob)
    Re-introduce the red master fob – this time the dashboard/ headlight/ taillights will illuminate for a full second and the fuel pump will also deploy.
    You can now use any of the silver key fobs that you have just programmed, and the ignition will now switch on and remain on until you re-introduce the silver fob to switch off.

    Hope this helps. Good luck


    Just seen the handbook is in the forums section 🙂


    Hi Bob, many thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated, I bought the bike a week ago in York, I drove home to Scotland and parked it up, I tried to start it yesterday, exactly a week later and it just won’t light up, I did see the bike running and the sales man put the fob at the back of the bike behind the seat about halfway down and it started no bother but my question is should I have had the bike on trickle charge? could a low or flat battery affect the way the fob works? and is there a battery in the fob? it has to be something simple or I must be doing something wrong, ether way the salesman touched the fob at the back in the middle and the dash lit up, he touched the button and it started, he switch it off in exactly the same way, many thanks for you support and thoughts with this, regards Mel.


    Hi Mel,
    Hard to say. I have no idea if the fob has a battery or not – they look pretty sealed to me.
    It could well be the battery on the bike. Has the bike been kept out in the cold this past week ? Down here in Kent it’s been bloody freezing this past week, in the minuses every day (-6 at 7am yesterday ), so I am guessing it is as cold in Scotland. The cold definitely affects the battery. I have mine on trickle charge all the time in the winter.
    I would at first put it on charge and then re-try once it is at full strength. If no joy, then maybe rest the fob using the master fob, as per previous instructions.
    This video shows Henry Cole using the fob (at about 7:10) –
    Best of luck 🙂

    martin G10

    Hi, Mel and Bob
    RFID fobs have no battery’s , they have an Ariel that’s energised by the sensor , the sensor goes into energy saving mode and takes a bit of waking up , the instructions say 2 seconds , it’s more like 10
    regards martin

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