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    Colin One

    was the week or so before you closed, hope your safety back on track soon.
    Thanks too ‘John Drogan’ for setting up club/ forum.


    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for posting.

    We’ve now commenced our ‘return to operations’ strategy and will be planning our revised production schedules next week. Unfortunately, we’re beholden to the return dates of the MSVA inspection programme, which is currently on hold also – so, we’re unable to type approve any new builds.

    As soon as we can confirm a revised production plan, we’ll be in contact with all customers to update on their revised delivery timings.



    Have any of the bikes actually been built? If so would it be possible for a photo. Been anxiously waiting for the phone call to say it’s ready. Hope all the staff are well and staying safe

    Stuart Dey

    I agree with jaxs. Be great to see the odd (socially distanced) pic of work in progress on the 6’s, when of course it has started or resumed! Thanks. Stuart


    Hi folks

    Are people getting bikes through and are you getting any information on delivery dates in advance? Mine was originally due for delivery early April and then actually went into build in July. I have been quite relaxed about it, but there seems to be very little advanced information and updates on deliveries.

    How are other people finding things? I asked and did receive some photos, which were great to receive, but no delivery date as yet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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