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    Can’t see the button to book a service!



    You need to be logged in as a CCM Owner.



    I have booked a service but as of yet still had no reply or confirmation also sent email direct to Ben Clues also no response
    Communication at ccm is still very poor!
    Bikes fantastic customer service is rubbish


    Hello Matt
    I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been able to achieve what you wanted. Ben is furloughed currently which mat explain his silence and the factory is not officially open yet.
    What method did you use to book your service?
    Steve Bridgeman is still working and is booking services in advance of the return of the mobile tech team – he can be reached at


    Spoke some one at ccm two days before lock down left my details and someone was going to call me back,never happend so booked it on the ccm page but never had any confirmation
    I’ve even sent an email asking if I can get bike serviced by a main dealer elsewhere but no reply to that either as yet


    All I can do is apologise – I’m guessing that the extraneous circumstances of the pandemic have led to this situation as most people were furloughed immediately.
    I will ask Steve Bridgeman to contact you to arrange the appointment.


    Sadly same issue, been trying for over 2 weeks to book 1st service. With no response.

    Book service has vanished from site.


    Sadly have the same problem HAS above.

    1 contact CCM direct leave message on the phone option 5.
    2 email steve know response.
    3 email customer service know response.

    JOHN is their any problem


    Just checked and the BOOK A SERVICE page is still up –
    I will dig out both your email addresses and ask the team to contract you.
    Apologies for the inconvenience.


    Thanks John. I can now see the “Servicing” tab when logged in to club CCM.

    Look forward to someone following up re being able to book a service.


    Thanks John
    Just to let you know, I am sorted now and would like to thank everybody for being part of a great team at CCM and sorting me out. STE & BEN are a credit to CCM. Thanks again John


    Thank you and apologies for the issues you’ve had along the way.


    Thanks John, 1st service now booked

    David 252

    Hi guys, just to balance out the comments, I book a service through the forum ‘service button’ then CCM called to arrange a day, today the mechanic called and suggested the day earlier. Great customer service, dispute lockdown, the world being weird, CCM have been great, not just great – above and beyond great.


    Just had my FT serviced by Stuart, what a great experience. Wish all services were like this.

    Stuart really knows his stuff and happy to share his knowledge.

    No major issues with bike, but a couple of minor tweaks by Stuart have made a big difference.



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