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    Hi all hope this helps, alter suspension set up, no scraping of side stand, increase idle speed screw right hand side until a few miles covered then turn back, no stalling issues, wipe all you can see and liberal spray on springs with A quality Rust protection and I put some on a quality cloth and wiped all the bike Topped up with a quality polish no rust yet, always pull cold leaver and clutch to start ensure your in neutral also even if clutch in helps this will get better after a few hundred miles now no problems, also the same with finding neutral I am finding the gearbox really nice now. The gears are close just need a bit of riding and plenty of changes in the early days , I dipped into my pocket and got the CCM paddock stand it’s great and matches and holds the bike perfectly.

    Not a expert at all but all of the above as helped me I have a few other bikes as-well and do a lot of miles all year round So quite used to protecting and sorting out all my bikes individuality.

    Stay safe Ride safe enjoy 😉 😁👍


    Hey Jukses I have all them same issues with my bobber. It’s always stalled since I had it. Got to the point where I only take it on the motorway. Fed up with it stalling as I gear down to stop at the lights or going round roundabout’s etc.


    Hi mike
    As I said not sure if in the early days the idle speed a bit erratic Running in tight and all that, I adjusted about 3 clockwise turns Increasing it and now after about 2000miles a lot steadier and turned back no longer stalls at gearing down? Hope this helps I Am sure if you contact CCM they will help.

    Stay safe, ride safe, enjoy


    Hi Mike I had same issues as you turned out to be the cams the wobble cam for decompression was not working so no decompression ben fitted a new cam and problem solved


    Many thanks Jukses and Matt for your replies. Have emailed Steve Bridgman.He’s gonna give me a call to try and sort it all out for me. Will keep you posted how it goes.


    Hi Mike
    Did Steve get back to you? He was taken ill and is recovering at home for a little while…
    Let us know if you need anything


    Hi John, no Steve hasn’t got back to me , hope he’s on the mend. I still have all the same issues and would very much appreciate them sorted out mate


    The admin team are helping out but as you might imagine, we are thin on the ground so please bear with us.
    Thanks for your patience.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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