Avon tyres replacement

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    Hi, I’m not new to CCM, now on my second as I absolutely love them!

    My question is about Avon tyres and who CCM plan to replace them with seeing as though Avon will be shutting the plant from the end of the year? I know the Bobber and Streetmoto come with Avon’s which seem a really nicely suited tyre?



    Hi Kev
    I’ve requested an update from the engineering team and will respond as soon as I have more information.


    Hello again Ken
    We believe these tyres are already manufactured overseas and we therefore do not see any impact to our customers or CCM from the closure of the UK plant.

    martin G10

    Hi, Kev
    I can remember an announcement by Steve Plater, Ambassador for Motorcycle, Avon Tyres, in 2021 when he said Avon was the last manufacturer in the UK. It’s hard to find foreign tyres suited to the UKs cool damp conditions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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