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    Has anyone had the Austin racing exhausts added to their six?

    They look trick..
    Just wanted to know if they’re worth £2k, like what do they sound like?

    Cheers J


    Sounds like nobody’s got one! 2k is a bit ott. i got the six with stock pipes is good enough. for 2k, i’d go for the ohlins and twin disc’s

    David 252

    I did ask CCM a few months ago, it may be the pipes are no longer on offer (it didn’t sound like the prospect of Austin supporting the Spitfire range going forward). I asked if they were street legal – as the standard exhaust isn’t exactly quiet & something with the word “race” in it’s title didn’t have the “honest officer, they ARE legal” feel of convincing Plod.
    If anyone finds some good pipes out there – pass on the message. I like the stock tubes, but classic silencers (reverse cone meggers) could be good looking on a Spitfire (6).


    I don’t reckon many people will have the racing exhaust, even in the world of cheap bikes and those meant for modding, a new exhaust is only for the rare few. The stock exhaust is loud as it is, and the bike isn’t exactly a bike I would take on the track. If anything, I’m keeping it far away from the track, the thing is too beautiful to spoil in that way. But, if you had money to blow, maybe it is worth it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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