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    At last a proper forum rather than farcebook where you can’t easily find out information without sifting through the rubbish.

    Well done CCM.


    Welcome & thank you!


    I agree👍 how do you find the Bobber had a few Rides now and all I can say is 🤩 WOW


    Believe it or not I went out on it today for the first time since it arrived in December so not ideal riding weather and then of course the dreaded virus arrived.

    I checked the rear suspension settings yesterday and they were way out for someone of my weight (under 14 stone) so I altered the settings and thought the ride was great but can’t say how it would have been before the changes.

    Only did about 12 miles as low on fuel. Like everyone else, can’t get neutral from 1st, not easy to start but will learn the knack soon enough.

    Seat was comfy and could definitely not ride without the baffles. It’s loud enough as it is. Mine has the remap whether that makes any difference or not.

    Can’t wait to get run-in and open it up and get the first service done.


    Hi Rick,
    I’ve a flat tracker and have covered 800 miles, the knack to starting is always use the fast idle lever, pull if fully back, press the fire button and hold it open for a few seconds once started, and slowly release it out, works every time, both when the engine is hot and cold.
    Finding neutral gets easier as the miles build, and the engine gains performance too.


    Received in March, the Stealth Bobber, a few days before the issue that shut down the world. Rode it twice now for a few short runs and found it nimble and pleasant have to wait and see about comfort for I am tallish, and its potential through twists and turns, and do not know what it will bring but now the dreaded has eased the weather has changed to autumn…. so irony. Starting is a learning curve but will get there.

    Hope to test her out fully soon. Almost too beautiful to ride.

    Have to say when it arrived from CCM i was upset as it was very dirty and that is a disappointment for a bespoke type bike.

    It almost feels to beautiful to ride on these terrible potholed roads.

    Are you not glad that while there was no traffic the roads where re-paved…..


    I’ve just dropped you a personal email to apologise for this.
    All new bikes should arrive in a clean unblemised condition and we will investigate why this happened.


    The speedometer on my Bobber seems to be reading in KPH although the display shows MPH, either that or it is over reading hugely
    Is there any way to change or calibrate the speedometer reading?

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