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    So delighted that my bike arrived midway through Friday afternoon – called time on the rest of the work day and went for a ride!

    First off, the visual impact of the bike is still as strong today as it was when I first saw one ‘in the flesh’ back at the NEC last November. I think there’s something of the bike that doesn’t translate on photo’s – it has way more presence than can be conveyed in photo’s. The finishing is EXCELLENT and a credit to the team.

    First ride? So clutch is dragging lightly (which should disappear with a few miles) so Neutral can be tricky and the bike is VERY easy to stall on a closed throttle in 1st/2nd gear. No warning just ‘gone’ with you left at the junction looking like a berk :)))). HOWEVER, it’s immediately obvious that someone has spent a significant amount of time and energy on the mapping/fuelling of the bike as this is SPOT ON. Response is immediate (with that dollop of torque that a large single delivers) and remarkably smooth – again in context of a ‘thumper’.

    I’m not an overly talented rider, so it will take time to trust any new bike but I have a high degree of confidence that the Six will play a faithful hooligan when asked. Compared to my other (heavy) bike and prior bikes it wants to fall into corners with little or no effort – the suspension is well judged and not overly firm – a luxury of being so light to start with? I’d love to experience the Ohlins, heaven knows how good they must be!? I optioned the twin discs on my bike and they too are set to inspire confidence.

    I then managed to grab a couple of rides (dodging the showers) over the weekend, one of which saw me parked up at Newlands (Surrey Hills – nr Boxhill). The bike draws lots of attention. I don’t know if CCM has an eye on their demographic BUT it appears to be ‘well heeled, 50+ year old males’ – it’s certainly the age bracket that recognises the bike and wants to talk about it ;).

    Anyway – wanted to let you know how chuffed I am with the bike and congratulate CCM on weathering the Covid storm to come through with the bike before the end of the summer.


    I’m glad it’s not just me! I was left stranded in the middle of a roundabout when some idiot undercut me and a healthy grab if the front brake stalked the engine. My Commando will pull away from low speed in 3rd even top if you coax it but as you say you certainly have to make syre you are in in the right gear on the CCM to not be be embarrassed at juntions.

    I also agree with your other comments – the looks certainly attract admirers but the exhaust roar also turns heads.

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