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Derek proud owner of a CCM blackout Number 4 in France where I live. Been riding for some 40 years and have a Ducati Multistrada 1200S for touring and fell in love with the Spitfire so ordered one. I first saw it at a show where Stephane Mezzard was promoting the range and simply could not wait to get one so as soon as he emialed me I ordered one 🙂 Great fun bike to ride and drove back from Clermont Ferrand 2 weeks ago (280kms) once I had taken delivery from Stephane Mezzard the guy selling these machines over here. Have a problem with the speedo that does not work since the day I picked it up hoping to get a replacement sent over asap and waiting for the Hero kit as well to be delivered as well. The bike is simply amazing although not at all very fast and surprisingly comfortable and very easy to handle and to maintain. It’s attracting a lot of attention as well as people stop to look at it. My son has been riding it he has his license and have no doubt he will be taking it out as well.

Amazing machine…