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G’day from Herefordshire! I have the beautiful RAFBF! #25 Started riding when I was 21, rode full time for a couple of years, then an unfortunately large hiatus of about 26 years occurred. Glad to be back on two wheels now, and even more glad its the Bobber! I’ve done just over 1400 miles now. Loving it! I’ve added the smoke flyscreen which has added to the look quite nicely I think. I am currently thinking about the stage 1 engine map, and also doing something about the side stand. I find the bike is unnaturally vertical when sitting on the stand. Is there any mod I can do or are there any plans CCM have to do an accessory stand that solves this very uncomfortable feeling you get walking away from the bike (esp. when there’s a bit of wind about). I currently park the bike at home on an old bit of 4 x 1 which gets the angle over a bit better, but you look a bit stupid when out for a blat with an old plank strapped to your back!!! Esp. when pulling up at the local “Bikers cafe”. Any thoughts/modifacation advice would be greatly appreciated.