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I have just acquired a 2019 model Spitfire FT, (#206/250). I collected it from the from the factory, yesterday.
I am delighted to part of this club of CCM enthusiasts.
My thanks go to Billy for facilitating the deal, and to John and Paul for helping in the hand-over of the bike over to me. I had the pleasure of getting to know the bike on my 250 mile return ride home to west London.
The bike performed faultlessly, with impressive engine and chassis characteristics; my only grumbles include the firmness of the seat and the stray direction of the headlamp beam, which is raised too high. Any simple advice on the adjustment of the headlamp beam direction would be appreciated, I cannot see any reference to headlight adjustment in the Owner’s Manual.
I would be keen to learn of other rider’s comments and thoughts on the FT.