Reply To: A date for my calendar !!


Same Here. Received and email from John D early October promising final pictures for my Foggy Stealth at the end of that week. I replied by email a month later asking for the pictures or an update from him and to-date I have had no reply. In theory from what little I have been told about my order, it might be being built now, but they only had 90% of the parts a few weeks ago when it should have started and I still have no idea what the final look and spec has been decided upon!

I put this lack of communication down to Lockdown from my experience purchasing a Bobber earlier in the year but now realise it is just the way CCM treat customers. It is not all bad, service dept is great ( Ben was fantastic ) and parts dept is efficient and helpful. The bike I love to bits. It just isn’t a great experience buying one new.