Reply To: 18 months on


Had mine now for 9 months, 1400 dry miles later (bar one wet weekend) I’m still enjoying my flat tracker, mods over standard: 1. Removed the ugly rear number plate mount and relocated the plate to a side mount, fitted little led indicators onto the inside of the 71 numbered side panels, very neat and safe. 2. Carbon under-tray. 3. Stage 1 remap. 4. 40 tooth rear sprocket. 5. Fitted CCM small fly screen. 6. Changed the brown tape and grips for Renthal dual compound. 7. Modified the seat by inserting a dense 6nn foam sheet between the carbon base and seat base. 8. Made my own radiator guard from stainless steel mesh, rubber edging any black heat proof silicon adhesive
The bike is now transformed, less vibration through the seat, more power, the longer gearing created by the 50 tooth rear sprocket makes 5th like the original 6th and the new 6th is like an overdrive, with the added power from the stage 1 tune the higher gearing is handled with ease and the bike loves cruising at 70 to 80 in 6th, a much more relaxed engine note, power seams to increase with miles, feels very quick up to 80mph, have had 105mph on a flat out test run (off road of course)
The bike looks amazing, pulled off the blue and maroon stripes, they don’t look right, now have more carbon fibre to look at, the suspension is set to its softest settings, much improved, still firm, but ok, the rear spring cannot be any softer as the rear tyre hits the rear seat frame from time to time, how do I know? I find rubber on the frame, oh, the rear tyres, tooo soft, I’ve worn out the centre in 1400 miles, another 100 and I’m illegal, bought another at the cost of £142 delivered to my home, yet to have fitted.
Still attracts more attention than 95% of bikes at my local bike cafe, and so it should, it looks the bollacks