Reply To: Spitfire Scrambler basis maintenance


Hi Julian, I had the same issue while trying to see if I could strap a bag on, seemed like a real pain to line up and bolt was in danger of stripping threads, kept jamming. Not helped as the nut moves in its holder. I think the issue was that the threads were already a bit knackered before i involved it…anyway, after reporting tje problem to Steve Bridgeman just before the weekeend, i then stumbled across tap and die set in the toolbox and cleaned both threads out – went back really easily then. I was a bit dubious as wary of completely knackering the threads but tried it and it worked. Whether from warranty point of view I should have done it who knows but I told him I’d fixed it and he didn’t seem worried. Saved CCM having to send someone out to sort it anyway. If you’ve not sorted it yet and want to try that may be worth checking with them first…I’m sure John can advise.