Reply To: Bearing quality


Hello Sigmaf,
Thank you for your reply. I do not wish to be condescending or rude, but do you have any design, construction or comprehensive working knowledge of the Spitfire motorcycle? The reason I am asking is how to judge your replies to this or any posts on this site!
I will agree that your service technicians are very well qualified and experienced and carry out servicing to a very high standard.
Any components on a motorcycle do not just depend on mileage alone, but also on how they are ridden, in what conditions and how they are cleaned and looked after by the owner.
From a technical point of view, can you advise what type and quality the steering stem bearings and swinging arm bushes are. Are they quality, well greased taper roller bearings and the bushes self lubricating phosphor bronze or other?
Normally a tecnician would inspect a component for wear and adjust or replace as appropriate when sevicing. I would not expect components to be changed for no good reason as this only adds to the time involved and increased service costs. It takes much longer to replace bearings than to inspect and adjust and I do not agree that this policy is ‘the thorough approach’. In my opinion, the service schedule should state ‘Check bearings ( or bushes, etc.) and adjust or replace as necessary’.
I doubt that many Spitfire models will get to this mileage, as the many ones that I have seen for sale have test, nominal or low mileages and appear to be bought on a whim.
I appologise for the ramblings, but I do speak as an owner and hope and trust that the Spitfire range are built with top quality components that will be long lasting and is not just a ‘beauty queen’ to be admired and polished!