Reply To: V5C not arrived


Hi Mike

I was in the same position, but found a way around it.

Basically DVLA are almost 8 weeks behind. When I spoke to them last week, they were only processing 20th March.

I tried everything to try and get a result, and in the end what triggered them to go and find my application from the 60,000 backlog was to use their online complaint form. I simply said it have been waiting 7 weeks for a new registration’.

2 days later they called me, and I asked if it was possible for them to go to the mailroom and look for my specific application. I knew that CCM had used APC, and I had got the tracking number from CCM. With this I could see exactly when they received the documents.

They found them within a few hours, and my bike was registered the same day. A lovely lady at DVLA called Theresa did all this..

Hope this helps.