Reply To: V5C not arrived

AvatarMike Darby


FAO John Drogan.
I managed to finally speak to someone at the DVLA who informed me that the registration details are done by the dealers on whats known as the “RAV” system and telephone number for DVLA only process registrations via the postal system.

They confirmed they HAD NO knowledge

    of my bike and the dealership now needs to get involved to follow up the registration! They were even surprised under the current restricted staff operation at the DVLA I had not received the document.

    Covid apart and as the telephone message on the CCM says the management team are working from home, can I please implore the particular management member who looks after the registration to sort this out once and for all as I feel I am being pushed from pillar to post! I have been told by CCN that the information was sent to DVLA on the 20th but they have no recollection of this and after all I have no way from my end of proving this.

    I am now getting very annoyed and wish this to be resolved as soon as possible.