Reply To: Getting the ball rolling……


I have one of these scramblers. Number 211
Not done enough miles yet to fully appreciate its good & bad bits. I want to change some parts if I’m allowed under warranty rules. As a complete enduro/dirtbike rider I find that the suspension is solid. Every bump in the road resinates up through me back. I Also really need to Change/raise the handlebars as the riding position for me is to far forward. (I’m a sit up a beg rider) motocross style. The turning circle is to me very large. My other bikes turn on a sixpence. I also think some other kind of rear indicators should be fitted. (Which is on me list)
“SO apart from all that“
I love the sound,look,speed & cant wait for this covid 19 to go away so I can really do something on it worth while..
My plan on this scrambler is to go around the Isle of Wight on some of the great coastal roads (military road)