Reply To: On the road tool kit.


So I’ve done a few long trips on the bike now, some of it to remote places, and these are what have been needed.

Electrical repair kit. Eng temp probe wire was cable tied from factory with a tight kink causing the cable to fail. Not helpful when you are stuck in an isolated part of the world)

Socket to remove my oil fill port. (I have the aluminium cap.)

Super glue. The factory installed leather grips came undone.

Electrical tape.

That is what I have needed bit I technically also needed a whole set of tools to repair an oil leak from the engine but not going to labour on that.

I also carry a bottle of tyre repair stuff. (With the tyre being tubed I am under the impression bacon strips won’t work)

Phillips head.

10mm spanner x2


Small tube to siphon fuel from another bike.

A spare 1l bottle of fuel.

28 /32 mm (can’t remember size off top of my head) socket and bar for adjusting the rear wheel.