Reply To: CCM fob…. What’s the trick?


Hi Mel,
Hard to say. I have no idea if the fob has a battery or not – they look pretty sealed to me.
It could well be the battery on the bike. Has the bike been kept out in the cold this past week ? Down here in Kent it’s been bloody freezing this past week, in the minuses every day (-6 at 7am yesterday ), so I am guessing it is as cold in Scotland. The cold definitely affects the battery. I have mine on trickle charge all the time in the winter.
I would at first put it on charge and then re-try once it is at full strength. If no joy, then maybe rest the fob using the master fob, as per previous instructions.
This video shows Henry Cole using the fob (at about 7:10) –
Best of luck 🙂