Reply To: CCM fob…. What’s the trick?


Hi Bob, many thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated, I bought the bike a week ago in York, I drove home to Scotland and parked it up, I tried to start it yesterday, exactly a week later and it just won’t light up, I did see the bike running and the sales man put the fob at the back of the bike behind the seat about halfway down and it started no bother but my question is should I have had the bike on trickle charge? could a low or flat battery affect the way the fob works? and is there a battery in the fob? it has to be something simple or I must be doing something wrong, ether way the salesman touched the fob at the back in the middle and the dash lit up, he touched the button and it started, he switch it off in exactly the same way, many thanks for you support and thoughts with this, regards Mel.