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Hi Yozzer,
Glad to hear you’ve got your Maverick. There’s a petrol tank removal pdf somewhere on the forum.
I also found the ride pretty firm to say the least. I am a lightweight mechanically but I kept winding the rear shock out several turns till it got softer. Took quite a few I can tell you. Played with the rebound a bit as well. Left to front forks as they looked a bit intimidating. Just make a note of what you’ve done so you can always undo your ‘adjustments’ ha! ha!
Took quite a few turns I can tell you.
At the first service CCM – lovely Ryan for me – will fiddle it a bit to suit you even better.
My main issue that I’m trying to sort is the handlebars being so far away/low. My knuckles don’t drag along the ground! Approved riser kit and alternative bars being developed by CCM for the New Year-ish. Happy riding.
Regards Tim