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Looking good, clutch on mine is very light, the gearbox is so smooth mostly hardly needs the clutch. I had a problem with the saddle, took it off, and the cage nut was wrongly aligned so couldn’t put the saddle back on, CCM has lent me a black saddle while they fix mine. Agree on comfort but I do have a fat bum so will probably be ok.
I am looking at handlebar risers (have ordered) to try and just take some weight off arms, I think at motorway speeds it would probably be ok but long slower rides might be a bit painful.
Also looking at drilling holes in the rear mudguard for mounting a 360 camera on a pole.
Took my granddaughter out this afternoon she was terrified, it’s the first time she hasn’t had a sissy bar or a top box behind her, she will have to get used to it.