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Rhys has made me laugh. He looks a mean biker!

At last she’s arrived. All good. Slight cut/tear in the the saddle which Move notified to CCM despatch. They are good chaps aren’t they? See what happens next.
Anyway – dead chuffed, dead pleased. Looks the business.
Took her out for a half throttle, 50mph max, 107 mile jaunt through Herts. countryside. Big smile all the way. Can’t wait for the 500 mile service to open her up a bit more.

Just two issues to hopefully sort:

1. Clutch
Boy is it stiff! Anyone else find this? TBH it became almost unusable towards the end of my ride. My wrist was in a lot of pain. Going to adjust the lever reach distance tomorrow and see if there’s any other adjustments I can make. Is this normal for a brand new clutch?
Tips much appreciated – assume I’m a simpleton. You won’t be far wrong.
Otherwise I’ll have to buy a Mr.Atlas wrist exerciser.

2. Saddle
My bottom was hurting a bit. The saddle upholstery, lovely looking though it is, is not padded enough that’s for sure. Fine for a shorth jaunt but longish distances or multi-day touring will require more cushioning somehow.

The chap who did the Malle 5 day Alpine rally must have an arse made of cast iron!

Otherwise delighted! Fettling a bit more tomorrow morning then out again in afternoon. Can’t wait.