Reply To: Replacing Front Brake fluid container(Rizoma?)

martin G10martin G10

Hi, Andy
AEM do a few types of mounting bracket!
With the standard master cylinder (semi radial) , billet lever set on its widest span , I changed the pushrod length from 18mm to 19mm to reduce the free play on the lever , I was using a lot of lever pressure braking (twin disc fitted). I chose the Brembo RCS radial master for its adjustability, including the lever pivot ratio , I have it set as a heavy lever and it still gives me more braking power for a lot less lever pressure (both masters are 19mm bore). Then i had to find a reservoir , it doesn’t have a mounting bolt like the standard, AEM integrated was neatest (Brembo made a design change for the blead nipple for 2021), clutch master has linear lever pull weight !
regards martin