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There are a couple of differnt accounts of what happens and when with Registraton at DVLA here and I have another which makes it all even more confusing. Althopugh my bike was built early September, and as far as I know the MVSA was completed around that time, it was not PDI’d because of the side stand issue. I was asked for personal ID stuff for the registration and payment early September as well so assumed as soon as the side stand issue was resolved and fitted it would be PDI’d and I could collect and ride it on the road. Wrong, when I was finally given a date when my bike would be PDI’d I checked with Jacqui and was told that the registration had not been sent to DVLA and wouldn’t be until the PDI was complete, this was the process. So even though the bike would be PDI’d within days and ready for collection/delivery I would have to wait again for DVLA to do their thing which could take-up to 14 day (typically). I did ask for Jacqui to send off the registration forms at that point to at leaset get the process under way, which she did, but even though I collected my bike yesterday (5th Oct) it is sitting in my garage now until DVLA register it. But, I do actually have my bike and I’m happy.

John, apart from the lack of any proactive communicaton with your paying customer’s, which we have all been very frustrated with, it seems the information we have individualy been given along the way has not been reliable. I appreciate the nature of what you are building makes it harder to give guaranteed dates for bike builds and delivery but surely you can do better than being 5,6 or 7 months out. Then having to wait another few weeks for DVL registration after the bike has been delivered.

Having said that I am glad to have my bike now and am looking forward to actually riding it.