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Tim, I was planning to do something similar but having been told last week my bike would be PDI’d on Tuesday 27th I called yesterday to check. Guess what…. No it wasn’t going to be PDI’d, it was still on the list but should be done by end of the week. OK, I thought, dissapointing but I could collect it Friday maybe and ride back. Then I checked on the registration so I could get insurance sorted out and found out the bike had not been registered yet, even though I been asked for my details several weeks ago. Having checked with Jacqui at CCM she informed me the bikes were not registered until they had completed PDI and once she sends off the details to DVLA it could take two weeks. So, even though the bike was built about 4 weeks ago, I paid the balance then, the bike should be ready for collection this week I still could not ride it on the road until the registration was complete. What a complete #### dissapointment, one delay after another. If only I had known last year I would have bought one second hand and have enjoyed it all through this hot summer.