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If you are looking to get some communication going then can I make some suggestions.
The key principle should, in my opinion, be completely open communication, I do understand there may be a bit of commercial sensitivity which you will need to consider but we the owners or soon to be owners are largely your friends and supporters.
So how about publishing the production schedule once a week, it will change and would require comments to explain issues. You could even consider showing each bike on the plan and letting the customer know which reference is theirs.
If you have supply issues or other delays just publish them, having this information will stop us from imagining what is happening and perhaps imagining much worse problems than there actually are. The News section would be a good place, you may find it will reduce the requests from people like me asking for updates, there is of course a risk that if you give more information you might get follow up questions but a healthy discussion here could be the go to place for follow ups.
It will mean someone spending time on this but given that you have worked hard to win orders and deposits it would seem sensible to spend some time retaining customers (you will be aware of the cancellation rate if any). The word of mouth with current situation is quite negative and word of mouth is a powerful but difficult to measure tool.
Not sure if it was only me that didn’t know but at the most basic level changes of ownership changes to T&C/Contracts need to be announced in the News section, holding back just allows rumors to develop and this degrades confidence which is critical when committing our hard earned cash to these purchases.
Just a few thoughts Steve