Reply To: Delivery issues and Contracts


I understand the supply issues, but if you look at a number of other posts over the year there is a failing common factor, communication. As a small company trying to build it’s business, if I was running the business I would be trying to build a strong bond with my customer base. Good customer service generates good feeling and potentially more business. The communication is generally so poor. All that CCM need to do is to keep talking to their paying customers at all stages. We would understand wait times better, or make decisions on the bikes within the contractual agreement. In this instance they have contacted the original poster, but at what stage ? This should have been done much earlier in the process in my opinion. If you look at other posts people don’t know at what stage their orders are at after full payment has been taken. I can understand why this angers people. Earlier in the Year John Drogan replied that he would pass on people’s feelings about the poor customer communications and said it was something that needed improving. Well, nothing has happened on that front. We still have to chase them at every stage