Reply To: Marzocchi Fork Springs

martin G10martin G10

Hi, JM
Good to hear your bike’s sorted. Tyre pressures, CCM say 29psi,front and rear, Pirelli had a formula for tyre pressure, that they should gain 3-4psi cold to warm . lower pressure = more movement in the carcass , more heat gain , more pressure gain ! I myself run tyres with a couple of less psi (cold) to help them warm up , Mitas have a stiff carcass and are a bit hard , not what I’d call a performance tyre , with 130, 140, on a 3″ rim the profile is very tall , I’ll never get near the edges (cold front 27psi rear 26.5 psi , still experimenting , if you drop to 24psi rear profile rolls a bit), I’m considering some Metzeler m9rr in 120/70/19 for a better profile,
regards martin