Reply To: My 644DS


Yeah, it’s a pity that the forum is quiet as regards the 644DS, but I suppose they are getting on for 20 years old now! There used to be a great 604 and 644 forum but sadly it shut down some years ago.

Anyway, mine is another bought new in 2003. I was looking for a bike for green laning and after reading a ride report in a magazine I had to have one, in yellow. Did some green laning but found it a bit heavy in the nadgery stuff (due partly to my lack of skill) and so bought another bike and kept the CCM for road use with the super-moto wheels fitted. My bike is bog-standard, very low mileage and pretty much mint and not ridden when salt on the roads.

Low mileage due to lack of time and having other bikes. Not used for a few years as wouldn’t run properly due probably to gummed up carbs. but looking to getting it sorted soon.