Reply To: When was the last CCM motorcycle built.


Hi Tim,
I think your best approach would be to email the salesperson that you dealt with and copy John Drogan in as well (
I had to chase for my Six, and as you have probably seen from the forums they need continual chasing for information. They are not very proactive in communicating, unfortunately.
My understanding is that they are just(or have just) finishing the final Six model builds, but after chasing I know that my one has been built and passed MSVA certification, but is now in a queue with their ‘finishing’ team before being passed to logistics to arrange collection with me. It’s been with the ‘Finishing Team’ for 3 weeks now ! I am still waiting !
It might well be that the Mavericks are the next model build after the Six, the Bobbers were the model before.
You will need to mail them direct and keep pushing.
Best of luck,