Reply To: Marzocchi Fork Springs


Went to see my suspension man today, his comments is the front spring have too much preload need the preload spacer shorten, the loaded sag with me on the bike is only 20mm , spring weight is about right and will put 1 grade lighter oil to achieve a better adjustment range (don’t know grade until it’s taken out)
Rear Ohlin shock also need a lighter spring and a reshim as there is too much damping (as they were probably spec for rear suspension with linkage )
I be getting the suspension done over the weekend at a cost of £250
The bike is total unstable in corner as it is now it just bump over everything’s , not absorbing even the smallest of hole or bump in the road, that why the tyres wear square as you don’t want to lean the bike in a turn
Will let you know how I get on