Reply To: Contact from CCM (or lack off) with Question ?


Hi G10
Yes, brake did all the check, and even had the longer leaver from CCM but no improvement, spoke with Brembo and was told it should have 11mm master for single piston caliper not the 13mm for twin piston as fitted from factory, rear brake on our six and flat tracker is ok (will be changing them to 11mm master as well) have told CCM but no reply
Front forks according to my suspension guy Perry (Leask Suspension) the are just standard front spec for a much heavier bike something like a MV or Ducati, with everything back off including preload there is only 10mm sag with me on it and riding about only about 50 travel on forks, it will need shorter spacer or/and softer spring, our six is exactly the same
Same problem with Ohlins rear, did not move when sat on the bike, lucky only needed to swap out the spring to get the static sag correct same on our six
It look as if CCM just brought stock parts from Mazzochi, Ohlins and Brembo without spec for the bike or talking to the manufacturer, I know when buying from manufacturers before they will buil from my spec
It’s a great bike but just need more care in build quality and setting up for customers not a hard thing to achieve, quick on the phone if you are buying bike or parts spending money, no help once you’re done