Reply To: When was the last CCM motorcycle built.


Hi John your right in what you say I”ve had a good diet of big horse power bikes over the last 15 years and getting on my Foggy S is a totally different ball game and it sure comes from the lack of weight. You need to change every way you”ve learnt to ride to get the best out of them and i”m still learning. I can”t wait to get some bigger all day rideouts on it this summer. I”m convinced it will improve my riding because all the modern hi tech safety features fitted on bikes today are missing on the CCM and that”s gonna keep me thinking. . It”s hard to explain but reminds me so much of the first time I rode a motorcycle on the road (Honda CB200) lol and being blown away and thinking I got to get rid of my pushbike and get a motorcycle. Weird. But yeah man the recalibration process is still on going, the effect this little machine has had on me needs to be experienced first hand. Big power not needed. This is just pure and refreshing. 🙂