Reply To: When was the last CCM motorcycle built.


Good story Mr Nelson, I can probably better that lol. I fell in love with the Foggy S at Motorcycle Live NEC November 2019. Only went the show to check out the new 765 Streetriple as a likely 2nd bike contender and put down my deposit on the Foggy with a due date build about mid-summer 2020. Then Covid hit the fan in March. Oh crap end of days springs to mind. Long story short the CCM folk came back to factory after shut down and resumed where they had left off. Mid production of the Six model I believe about same time the Foggys should have been started. I stayed in touch with Billy Clews and he kept me informed (thanks Bill) as to the big picture. I finally heard that production/building had started on Foggy”s about October 2020. It was a close run thing but it looked possible I”d get my new baby for Xmas,didn”t happen. Roll on 2021 and 2nd week of Jan a spanking Foggy S is delivered to my door by a top bloke called Paul. Worth the wait? Course it was. Its a diamond of a bike to look at and probably appreciated in value once it was registered instead of going in the opposite direction if it was a 765. Such a shame some people are having a lesser experience but my journey has been as unique as the next CCM owners and like everything else life has tossed up(Covid especially)ya have to take it as it comes. I am now Mr 3 bikes lol. I bought a KTM Superduke mid 2020 on a ridiculous PCP deal from Fowlers Bristol so mixing that up with my Panigale and now the CCM i”ve only just covered 600 miles on the Foggy but they”ve all been enjoyable and only came on here tonight to book my first service and started reading couple of stories and felt I had to have a waffle lol. Keep it the right way up lads and I hope you get miles of fun from one of these little gems.