Reply To: When was the last CCM motorcycle built.


Good afternoon everyone.

It’s always sad to see our customers get to the point where they throw the towel in and cancel their order.

We are in the business of building motorcycles that bring pleasure so it’s most certainly not our intention to create such a bad depth of feeling.

Richard’s feedback is very useful and I will ensure that this is fed back to those responsible for communicating with you, the customer. We do have issues getting hold of parts due to the various hurdles affecting businesses right now, however poor communication is unacceptable and we need to improve this.

We are still a relatively small business and we build bikes in set production runs by model type e.g We’ve just finished Blackout and started the latest batch of Bobbers, however if either of these gets delayed, it will impact the subsequent model runs.

We are aiming to get to the position where we can build a number of Stock bikes so that we will have bikes available for delivery within a short space of time.

For those who have gone through some pain awaiting bikes, please accept ,my sincerest apologies and if we lost you this time, I hope we can welcome you back in the future.