Reply To: When was the last CCM motorcycle built.


So the January 31st build never happened and no contact was made to give me an update.ive had to send a few emails to get a response and now there saying the build will be 21st march.for me this is the last date I will accept I’ve had enough of the excuses now.ccm are brilliant at going to all the shows and getting folk to place deposits but after that they don’t give a shit about you.your left to wonder what kind of company you are actually dealing with and if you want answers you have to do all the running.there is no transparency with this company I have no idea when I will get my bike and my deposit has been in place nearly six months.some will wait forever but that’s not me.i had all the guarantees over the phone when ordering but it’s all smoke and mirrors and nothing is as you are told.good luck to anyone placing an order I hope you have a better experience than I’m having.i don’t care now wether it happens or not and that’s not how you should feel dealing with a motorcycle company.