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I ordered pillion pegs for my Spitfire Blackout. BUT a note of caution, whilst they look good and work, when I got the V5C from DVLA, it has only been registered by CCM/DVLA as a solo motorcycle. I insured it to carry pillion but now reluctant to do so (May not be covered in the event of an incident).
Additionally when the bike arrived it turns out it’s only got a user payload of 150kgs inc rider, so pretty much rules out carrying anybody anyway.
I have bought this up with CCM but got no response regarding registration matters.
I was told I could upgrade the shock, but advised to leave until first service.
It’s pretty firm already tho so May just keep the bike for solo and use another for pillion riding.
All that said, you won’t be disappointed, lovely to look at and ride. Love my CCM