Reply To: RFID Fob & Sensor Failure


Thank you for the extra info and link to the manual and downloads. So, temperature is not the issue. Looking at the kit, I do wonder if the relay might be occasionally sticking. If the relay sticks, no ignition and the appearance of it not working at all. I’m having a post run-in service early next year, I might get them to check out this relay. Unfortunately for me, I cannot get this bike serviced (or repaired) by CCM techs. I live on the Isle of Wight and they won’t come. Even when I had an indicator fault under warranty, they wouldn’t meet me in Portsmouth to repair it. Instead, I had to take it to a motorcycle garage on he island and they did the repair. Anyway, my guy on the island is very skilled, so I’m not that bothered.

Again, thanks Martin.