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Just made a new, cheap(ish) and easy change that may be worth thinking about. I’ve started to notice a few nuts and bolts after this riding season that have started to corrode. Most notably the steel screws that hold the handlebars on are only galvanised steel, and are starting to look a little naff. The installed bolts are really tough though (12-9) so I couldn’t one in one out with S/Steel so I’ve had to dig deep into my pockets for the pennys and replaced them with some titanium bolts. I’ve also noticed a few screws down by the chain are also looking shabby, so they have now been replaced with stainless steel.

I know it’s nothing fancy, but I really hate seeing corrosion, even if it’s barely noticeable.

For anyone thinking the same, the bolts are 30mm under the head, Thread 8mm.