CCM Custom Built

Alan Clews Silver Edition

Custom built by: Russell Clews

Youngest son of CCM founder, Alan Clews, Russell has been with CCM for over 22 years and oversees the production and procurement departments. Russell teamed up with elder brother Austin to create this loving tribute to their late father and founder of CCM Motorcycles.

Design Brief

Taking the original Spitfire model as a fitting donor, this bike needed to go the extra mile to be worthy of bearing the founders name.

Paying homage to Alan’s legendary “Stroka’s”, the trellis frame and wheels were chrome plated, the engine casings highly polished and the Liquid Mercury paint finish applied to the tank creating a uniquely striking and timeless machine.

Wolf CR Special

Custom built by: Garry Wolf / Wolf 77 Customs

Garry isn’t afraid to admit that bike-building has become ‘a bit of an obsession.’ His idea for the build was to highlight the beauty already present in the stock Café Racer, not straying away too much from the original design which he loves, reworking the stance and look to give the CCM a different feel.

Paris Dakar Rallye 600

Custom built by: Steve Hague

Steve has a long history of racing dirt bikes. He first started solo motocross over 44 years ago and has never stopped racing since. He’s finished the gruelling Paris Dakar twice in 1999 and 2004 but it is the 1980’s Paris Dakar Works BMW’s of Gaston Rahier that motivated him to take up long distance desert rally racing and the inspiration for this, his take on a CCM Spitfire Dakar bike.

Goblin Works Garage Café Racer

Custom built by: Anthony Partridge

UK born and raised in Canada, Ant got his first bike aged 11 and a brief career following in his fathers footsteps at a foundry taught him much about metals – and factory life wasn’t for him! He moved to the warmer climes of Marbella and after numerous “occupations” was offered a job in a custom bike shop. The die was cast and his creativity was such that major manufacturers requested his special touch on their machines.

More recently he has become recognisable from the Nat Geo/ Quest TV Goblin Works Garage Resto-Mod show which is where he met CCM and set about putting his signature on the Café Racer.

Gulf Racing Café Racer

Custom built by: Paul Dey

Paul is no stranger to customising CCM’s. He first took a CCM R30 in 2004 & chopped it to create a twin-shock flat tracker. Fast forward 15 years and Paul was eager to put his own mark on one of the first Spitfire models once again. The Spitfire Café Racer was an ideal donor for Paul to create a slice of 60’s nostalgia, a Gulf Racing livered CR.

Spitfire Street Tracker

Custom built by: Mick Lewis & The Skunkwerx Dept.

Mick has been riding bikes all his life, commuting on his Enfield Bullet every day. Ace mechanic Mick has loved getting involved in the custom bike projects for CCM’s forthcoming Hollywood debut with Scarlett Johansen riding in Marvel’s next Black Widow franchise. Later in 2020, Mark Wahlberg will appear riding another CCM in an exciting action movie and what the stunt riders can do with these bikes is truly unbelievable. Totally obsessed with “On Any Sunday”

Design Brief

Mick was entrusted with the job of building this custom FT without the influence of CCM Hierarchy and it’s evident that what he created in his shed at home, was influenced by the iconic 60’s era of American Flat Track racing.

Café Racer Special

Custom built by: CCM Skunkwerx Dept.

The concept for this build was for a low seat height, classic alloy parts and minimalist styling, true to the original café racer movement. It was greatly influenced by our female members of the team who witnessed the evolution of the Marvel Spitfire bikes for the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster, ‘The Black Widow’ starring Scarlett Johansson.

Whilst this bike wasn’t used in the filming of the movie, it was actually one of the original concept bikes that was presented to the production team for the ‘Show & tell’ at Pinewood Studios earlier in the year.

We’re happy it wasn’t used in the movie as it survived to become a really cool looking retro concept instead!

Baja 1000

Custom built by: Robert Bentham

Robert has been racing off road since his schoolboy years and has raced a GP450 for CCM in the Hard Alpi Challenge. Robert's design brief was a 1970’s inspired enduro bike that could have quite easily have been raced in the iconic Baja 1000, a race that first started in 1967 and featured Steve McQueen and Malcolm Smith amongst others. Think of ‘On any Sunday’ and that will set the tone for the type of off road racer Robert wanted to create.