CCM Blackout customer, Annette Norman had a dilemma. She’d booked onto the MotoLegends Ladies Ride which took the group of all female bikers from their headquarters near Guildford, across Salisbury Plain to the Roth Bar & Grill at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Bruton, Somerset.

With all of the issues surrounding shipping of components in from Europe, Annette’s Blackout was delayed and wouldn’t arrive in time. With a gap between promotional events such as The Festival of Speed and the MCN Festival, we were able to lend our Maverick test bike to Annette to enable her to take part.

Annette was able to assess the bike ahead of her Blackout’s arrival to make sure a) it fitted her and b) it fitted her camper van….

The great news was that it worked on both counts, the bike being so light and easy to move around which also allowed her to transport the bike from her home in the midlands to Surrey on a rack on the back of the van – perfect! This was something that she wasn’t able to do with her outgoing Triumph.

Annette said of her time on the Maverick “I found it really easy to ride, it gripped corners so well, easy gear changes, easy to steer, great power, this bike loves the twisties, a great all rounder….

it was comfortable, good seat height, being 5ft 5, I had no issues with confidently reaching the ground, unlike other bikes. Had lots of ladies come over to look and ask about it, showing serious interest…..No matter where I went, it pulled a crowd…you’ll never be alone, someone always wants to chat to you about the CCM ”